mercoledì 21 marzo 2018


Hi everyone,

i've publish my new game SheBeFree for android and pc desktop,

Help DOT to escape from the grid with this fantastic
stylish running game

- run, dodge, attack and defend from enemy software

- use DOT ability for destroy the powerfull enemy guardian

- get item and weapon to survive

- use fantastic extra veichles

- complete all archiviement

- designed for a large amount devices

- simple touch gameplay

you can downlad desktop version on this link:

some codemotion 2018 event photos
or can download on googleplay on this link:

if you want you can play my game on browser


giovedì 20 luglio 2017

cylynderwarp android game

cylynder warp has been released get it on for free on google play, read review game by
read review

The plot is this: in a future a computer system control all mankind, you're a hacker and drive a software (the voxel) for intrusion in the evil system in ten level(the last is core) and free people mind from control .
i made a announcement trailer of my game for android device for more information on project, or view gameplay visit game blog

 I hope like